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Poly-61 individual voice tuning

When I recalibrated my Poly-61 I had two voices significantly out of tune. Now since all oscillators are digitally controlled and therefore supposed to be in tune, KORG omitted attenuators for individual voices. Here´s what I found as probable cause

Poly-61 repair

Ressurection of a Poly-61 Like some other 80´s polysynths with memory, many of today´s Poly-61s suffer from battery leakage. The problem for most owners without knowledge of the technicalities is that the symptoms come on slowly and do not neccessarily

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BCR2000 Resource Pack for Synth In A Case

Synth In A Case is an ensemble for Native Instruments Reaktor. You will have to manually assign the controllers used by the BCR preset.

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BCR2000 Resource Pack for Roland α-Juno Can be used with both α-Juno 1 and 2.

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BCR2000 Resource Pack for KORG M1 KORG M1 has different parametersets for single and double mode. This pack only supports double mode patches!

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BCR2000 Resource Pack for KORG Polysix (KLC) For the KORG Legacy Collection Polysix VST plugin. Please note that not all controllers used in the patch are already assigned in the default controller map!

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BCR2000 Resource Pack for KORG DW-8000

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S-330 Sampler Repair

I recently bought two Roland S-330 Samplers from a fellow musician at a synthesizer meeting for a reasonable price. Two things made me take them: Firstly, I´ve never owned a Roland S-series sampler and secondly one of them was declared

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Red Glue Problem

Some older Roland keyboards suffer from a bad choice of material. The metal  plates that give weight to the keys are glued in with a red substance that eventually looses its consistency and drips onto the keybed. Roland did offer

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KORG M1 realtime control

I never thought I´d ever own a KORG M1. But when I recently found a used one at a very reasonable price I couldn´t resist. Now I am not really interested in its famous piano or organ sounds, or the

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