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DW-6000 editor panel for Ctrlr

I have just released a panel for Ctrlr for the KORG DW-6000. This panel can be used as a mapper between standard MIDI CCs and the DWs SysEx messages, allowing all parameters to be controlled by a hardware MIDI controller.

DW-6000 videos

Here I´ve collected some of the best videos showing the DW-6000

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Favourite DW-8000 vids

Ctrlr – Synth Editor

A couple of weeks ago I was once again searching for a universal synth editor. My last search revealed MidiQuest as the only universal editor for Windows. It seemed to cover most of my devices, but I wasn´t sure if

CS15D channel 1 modification

Since I got my CS15D I´ve always known that one day I would make a certain modification to it, and this day has finally come: Manual control for channel 1. Mod design When I opened the synth the first time

BCR2000 resource packs

The zip files provided here each contain the following: Overlays for SkinMan and ready to print. Preset SysEx files for BC Manager or direct transfer to the BCR. As it is not possible to tell the BCR how and where

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Custom overlays for BCR

Proper overlays greatly increase usability of the device. You can visualize the controls much better as opposed to just text-labelling and thus bring you much closer to the device you are controlling with the BCR. The BCR2000 Templates document that

BCR SysEx support

The BCR2000 SysEx capabilities are hardly covered by the official documentations and tools. I guess nowadays such controllers are mostly intended for use with software, to control DAWs and plugins. But they are equally ideal to control those 80’s to

DW-8000 resources

Here you find a collection of resources on the net targeting the Korg DW-8000. WeblinkDescription Korg DW-8000 on vintagesynth.comDescription of and resources for the DW-8000, including the user manual.Korg DW-8000 on Amazona Green BoxThis is in german and recommended to

DW-8000 control via SysEx

The lack of hardware controls on the device can be overcome by using a MIDI controller capable of sending System Exclusive messages. Almost every parameter of the DW-8000 can be controlled via SysEx. Only the MIDI settings themselves and the

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