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BCR2000 Resource Pack for KORG DW-8000

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S-330 Sampler Repair

I recently bought two Roland S-330 Samplers from a fellow musician at a synthesizer meeting for a reasonable price. Two things made me take them: Firstly, I´ve never owned a Roland S-series sampler and secondly one of them was declared

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Red Glue Problem

Some older Roland keyboards suffer from a bad choice of material. The metal  plates that give weight to the keys are glued in with a red substance that eventually looses its consistency and drips onto the keybed. Roland did offer

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KORG M1 realtime control

I never thought I´d ever own a KORG M1. But when I recently found a used one at a very reasonable price I couldn´t resist. Now I am not really interested in its famous piano or organ sounds, or the

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DW-6000 editor panel for Ctrlr

I have just released a panel for Ctrlr for the KORG DW-6000. This panel can be used as a mapper between standard MIDI CCs and the DWs SysEx messages, allowing all parameters to be controlled by a hardware MIDI controller.

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DW-6000 videos

Here I´ve collected some of the best videos showing the DW-6000

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Favourite DW-8000 vids

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CS15D channel 1 modification

Since I got my CS15D I´ve always known that one day I would make a certain modification to it, and this day has finally come: Manual control for channel 1. Mod design When I opened the synth the first time

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DW-8000 resources

Here you find a collection of resources on the net targeting the Korg DW-8000. WeblinkDescription Korg DW-8000 on vintagesynth.comDescription of and resources for the DW-8000, including the user manual.Korg DW-8000 on Amazona Green BoxThis is in german and recommended to

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DW-8000 control via SysEx

The lack of hardware controls on the device can be overcome by using a MIDI controller capable of sending System Exclusive messages. Almost every parameter of the DW-8000 can be controlled via SysEx. Only the MIDI settings themselves and the

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