KORG DW-8000

The DW-8000 is one of my favourite synthesizers. Although I´m addicted to knobs and switches, which it lacks being a typical device from the digital age, I enjoy its sound capabilities. The oscillator auto-bend feature, the very versatile delay unit and the interval detune of oscillator 2 distinguish it from many other synths of its age.
I use it mainly for pads and pad like fx.

There are already enough reviews and descriptions of the DW-8000 on the net, so instead of repeating all this I have put together a list of useful links in the DW-8000 resources post.
And if you too are interested in controlling your DW-8000 by a BCR2000 you might find my resource pack useful.

BCR2000 Resource Pack for KORG DW-8000

Favourite DW-8000 vids

DW-8000 resources

DW-8000 control via SysEx