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Note to self – Jamming with Notator 3.21

To use Notator 3.21 for ATARI for loop based jamming:

  • Set Arrange to off
  • Check [Flags]->[Screen Record]
  • Uncheck [Flags]->[Record Cycle Overdub]
  • Uncheck [Flags]->[Punch Cycle Overdub]
  • Set MIDI Thru On
    • Be aware that Thru only seems to affect the currently selected track if you are in RECORD mode. To switch to RECORD mode, right-click on [DROP]

Loop RECORD: Press START and toggle RECORD mode with right-click on [DROP].
Be aware that this can affect note playback as notes may be cut off while disengaging RECORD mode.

To delete a track you no longer use, drag&drop it onto the arrange window.