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monotron Delay CV-Gate mod

The monotrons are sweet little analog toys to fiddle around with. And if you own one you have at least once thought about hacking it, right? Well, so did I and aimed at the monotron Delay. For the standard monotron a couple of resources for modders are available, and especially dinSync´s mod seems to work well for it. But the Delay version appears to handle things a little different…
The main issue is that the gate affects pitch and vice versae.
But only if you look at it from the input side, where you apply external signals to the respective testpoints. From an internal point of view the gate signal is simply derived from the same source as the pitch. So if you apply a +5V gate you are already exceeding the maximum frequency of the oscillator. This results in only a short

A-110-1 Standard VCO improved

While examining one of my A-110-1s to help answer a forum question I noticed that it was equipped with a TL064 op-amp. A quick look at the schematics revealed that it is part of the waveform generation. I am not an expert but from what I´ve learned, the 064 is usually not the first choice for audio applications. So just for fun I replaced it with a TL084 I had lying around.

A-110-1 with TL084 for IC2

A-110-1 with TL084 for IC2

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Behringer Neutron calibration

Do you also have the problem that sometimes the an oscillator of your Behringer Neutron is out of tune when you bypass its tune pot?
I had that a couple of times now and didn´t know what to do about it until today.
I assumed being driven by 3340 ICs the Neutron would not need any warm up time but maybe I am wrong. However during boot the Neutron calibrates the OSCs internally. I found that when you lock a Tune pot and the corresponding oscillator is out of tune thereafter, you should switch power off and back on so to force re-calibration. Mine was perfectly in tune after having done so.