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TR-505 individual outputs

I have been wanting to add individual outputs to the TR-505 for quite some time and after I  installed the HKA Rom Expansion I did so. I found this page and followed the instructions on it to build in the individual outs. After some testing I soon found out that the mod did not fully meet my expectations. The culprit of the remaining original mods is that for the most important sounds, the volume envelope is bypassed, thereby introducing digital grit into the sound decay. Continue reading

DW-6000 editor panel for Ctrlr

I have just released a panel for Ctrlr for the KORG DW-6000. This panel can be used as a mapper between standard MIDI CCs and the DWs SysEx messages, allowing all parameters to be controlled by a hardware MIDI controller. This also applies to those parameters that are combined in a single SysEx message, like OSC 1+2 waveforms.
A corresponding preset for the BCR2000 MIDI Controller is also in the works…
You can find the Ctrlr panel here.

Ctrlr – Synth Editor

A couple of weeks ago I was once again searching for a universal synth editor. My last search revealed MidiQuest as the only universal editor for Windows. It seemed to cover most of my devices, but I wasn´t sure if it would match my requirements. And even though it´s price may be justified I wasn´t willing to pay it just to find out.
So I kept searching and eventually found a post on a forum that linked to Ctrlr. And was I surprised! Latest build from not 2 weeks ago, an alive forum and promising features.
Since then I spent quite some time with it, and even though it´s work in progress it provides all the features i needed for my synths that are a little peculiar SysEx wise.
What the engine doesn´t offer one can add using the lua scriptengine. Well, sometimes you just have to, but for me that´s more a plus than a minus..