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DW-6000 editor panel for Ctrlr

I have just released a panel for Ctrlr for the KORG DW-6000. This panel can be used as a mapper between standard MIDI CCs and the DWs SysEx messages, allowing all parameters to be controlled by a hardware MIDI controller. This also applies to those parameters that are combined in a single SysEx message, like OSC 1+2 waveforms.
A corresponding preset for the BCR2000 MIDI Controller is also in the works…
You can find the Ctrlr panel here.

Ctrlr – Synth Editor

A couple of weeks ago I was once again searching for a universal synth editor. My last search revealed MidiQuest as the only universal editor for Windows. It seemed to cover most of my devices, but I wasn´t sure if it would match my requirements. And even though it´s price may be justified I wasn´t willing to pay it just to find out.
So I kept searching and eventually found a post on a forum that linked to Ctrlr. And was I surprised! Latest build from not 2 weeks ago, an alive forum and promising features.
Since then I spent quite some time with it, and even though it´s work in progress it provides all the features i needed for my synths that are a little peculiar SysEx wise.
What the engine doesn´t offer one can add using the lua scriptengine. Well, sometimes you just have to, but for me that´s more a plus than a minus..